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WELCOME to TibiaFun 7.6 OTS!
Last joined us: Eternal
Currently, the best player on the server is: Bobo (1400). Congratulations !
Guilds on server: 3
Accounts on server 265
Players on server: 589
Uptime: 3h 34m

Most powerfull guilds & TOP 5 players


8 kills


3 kills

Ekipa Remontowa

0 kills

1. Bobo Level 1400 Elite Knight
2. Kubuss Level 1307 Master Sorcerer
3. Bombatyka Level 1259 Master Sorcerer
4. Test Char Level 1213 Master Sorcerer
5. Kivi Level 1206 Royal Paladin

5 Jan 2015 - Event +50% Points to Sms Shop (Only before start) TibiaFun 7.6 OTS!
If you buy points (only before start) you get gift + 50% points
Jezeli kupisz punkty (tylko przed startem serwera) otrzymasz prezent +50% punktow


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How connect to TibiaFun 7.6 Ots?
You can use Tibia 7.6 (Orginal Client) + IP Changer and connect:
IP: Port: 7171
or you can "Download Client TibiaFun Ots 7.6 ( (Here)"

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We are inviting to Start Event !

On the server start players can win Premium Points
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