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Players online
!blessCheck your bless.
!expShows information about exp to next level.
!fragsShows information about frags time.
!goSets the same outfit as a guild leader has for the whole guild.
!manaShows information about about mana to next magic level.
!onlineShows information about online players.
!outfitChange your outfit.
!paccoffOn/Off your premium time.
!premiumShows information about pacc time.
!pzShows information about pz time.
!rewardShows information about hunted players.
!rsShows information about red skull time.
!tasktask points - show how much points you already have,
!task maxpoints - increase maximum amount of points by 500 (price 100% points),
!task cc - changing points for 100cc (price is 1000 points),
!task outfit - buys a outfit (price: 20000 points, next uses for free),
!task item - changing the points for random item.
!transferTransfer your premium time (min. 50h)
!uptimeShows information about server uptime.
/bgBroadcasts a "text" to all your guild members. You have to be a leader of a guild to use this command.
/rewardGive reward for kill players.