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* Free PACC
* Aligned Gameplay
* Virtuoso Set Quest
* Casino System
* Hunting Room System (First at 7.6)
New Monsters: TFun, Crazy Eye, Gambon, Ankarah, Fadroma, Buff, Maousy
WELCOME to TibiaFun 7.6 OTS!
Last joined us: Agresor
Currently, the best player on the server is: Agresor (8). Congratulations !
Guilds on server: 0
Accounts on server 42
Players on server: 49
Uptime: 7h 47m

Most powerfull guilds & TOP 5 players

1. Agresor Level 8 Elite Knight
2. Turboja Level 8 Knight
3. Rambo Level 8 Sorcerer
4. Mikser Level 8 Sorcerer
5. Drako Level 8 Paladin

5 Jan 2015 - Event +50% Points to Sms Shop (Only before start) TibiaFun 7.6 OTS!
If you buy points (only before start) you get gift + 50% points
Jezeli kupisz punkty (tylko przed startem serwera) otrzymasz prezent +50% punktow


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How connect to TibiaFun 7.6 Ots?
You can use Tibia 7.6 (Orginal Client) + IP Changer and connect:
IP: Port: 7171
or you can "Download Client TibiaFun Ots 7.6 ( (Here)"

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We are inviting for the shopping in the TibiaFun shop!

We have new payment system
See what you can gain!

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We are inviting to Start Event !

On the server start players can win Premium Points
See you in game

TibiaFun Shop !

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