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* Free PACC
* Aligned Gameplay
* Virtuoso Set Quest
* Casino System
* Hunting Room System (First at 7.6)
New Monsters: TFun, Crazy Eye, Gambon, Ankarah, Fadroma, Buff, Maousy
WELCOME to TibiaFun 7.6 OTS!
Last joined us: Koresz
Currently, the best player on the server is: Drunkard (4524). Congratulations !
Guilds on server: 4
Accounts on server 754
Players on server: 1036
Uptime: 4h 12m

Most powerfull guilds & TOP 5 players


11 kills

Silver Street Fighters

0 kills


0 kills

1. Drunkard Level 4524 Elite Knight
2. Wombocombo Level 4174 Master Sorcerer
3. Naturezz Level 2780 Master Sorcerer
4. Esmeralda Here Level 2673 Elite Knight
5. Czlowiek Wpierdol Level 2602 Master Sorcerer

10 Dec 2019 - Virtuoso Quest - 10-12-2019

Virtuoso Quest by: Wombocombo, Drunkard, Crisis, Weed Smoker, Row, Papal, Kemaxik, Hugh Hefner and Kemaxik.

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10 Nov 2019 - Weapon Quest
- virtuoso quest completed
- 1500lvl and higher
- winning 4 cups from bosses and giving them to pontiac

Quest entrance is west of the dangerous mad wolves

To get into the quest you need to find 3 hidden levers on the map and move them

Hidden lever1

Hidden lever2
Hidden lever3

At this moment, we hand over the cups won to pontiac and we can enter the quest using the lever

Then you have to kill many strong monsters and get to the top of the tower. Bypassing the Fadroma is impossible! We have to take the crowbar from her, and the only way to do it is kill her. Then we can break down the door with a crowbar!

Now we can choose ONE of 5 awards!

You see an ultimate spellbook (Def:40). It can only be wielded properly by mage (magic level +5)
You see a magic snowball (Atk:190 Def:40).
You see a magic longsword (Atk:190 Def:90).
You see a war axe (Atk:192 Def:92).
You see a heavy mace (Atk:195 Def:95).

Good luck!
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1 Nov 2019 - New Spawn - Maousy and Monster Skeleton
- we have added a new spawn maousy for players with level 700 and higher and a spawn with a new monster skeleton for players with level 1500 and higher.
- In addition, we have added an anti lure system Have fun! Your Tibiafun Team!
Posted by Administrator
26 Oct 2019 - Drunkard 2000 level
This is the first 2000lvl on tibiafun, congratulations to Drunkard!
Posted by Administrator
22 Oct 2019 - Virtuoso Set Quest - done again
Virtuoso Set Quest by Naturezz, Tehace, Creed, Hooligansshoollstools, Elendil, Auu. Congratulations!
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18 Oct 2019 - Gambon at Event Island
Drunkard blocked 4x Gambon at Event Island

Gambon at Event Island

Players who take part in event: Drunkard, Intel, Elendil, Quality, Nie Bijcie Mnie Jeszcze, Pan Ww, Dziadek Shark, Demonis.

Have Fun!
Posted by Administrator
16 Oct 2019 - First Black Shield, R7 and Virtuoso Set Quest on TibiaFun DONE!
Black Shield Quest by Drunkard, Jpskurwiel, Crisis, Czlowiek Wpierdol.

R7 Quest by Drunkard, Jpskurwiel, Crisis, Czlowiek Wpierdol.

Virtuoso Set Quest by Drunkard, Czlowiek Wpierdol, Youknowme

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22 Sep 2019 - TOP10 from old edition received premium points
[PL] TOP10 najlepszych graczy na poprzedniej edycji otrzymało dodatkowe pkt na start na nowej edycji - wystarczy użyć opcji donation recovery wpisując stary login i hasło (z poprzedniej edycji).

[EN] The TOP10 best players on the previous edition received an extra point to start on the new edition - just use the donation recovery option by entering the old login and password (from the previous edition).

1. The Darknes Side (level: 1709) +10000 premium points
2. Puki (Level: 1322) +10000 premium points
3. Hanys (Level: 1309) +10000 premium points
4. Hello (Level: 1277) +5000 premium points
5. Esmeralda Here (Level: 1120) +5000 premium points
6. Randres (Level: 1064) +5000 premium points
7. Devil (Level: 1059) +5000 premium points
8. Rpg Ms (Level: 974) +5000 premium points
9. Youaredeadtome (Level: 926) +5000 premium points
10. Sahit (Level: 904) +5000 premium points

Posted by Administrator
22 Sep 2019 - Event +50% Points to Sms Shop (Only before start) TibiaFun 7.6 OTS!
If you buy points (only before start) you get gift + 50% points
Jezeli kupisz punkty (tylko przed startem serwera) otrzymasz prezent +50% punktow


Posted by Administrator

How connect to TibiaFun 7.6 Ots?
You can use Tibia 7.6 (Orginal Client) + IP Changer and connect:
IP: Port: 7171
or you can "Download Client TibiaFun Ots 7.6 ( (Here)"

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